Writers Project

Apart from being a musician I am also a playwright. My most recent piece of work is being performed along side two other talented youth’s plays. Much time, sweat, and tears were spent during the writing process. Click this link for the Facebook invitation or continue reading to receive the details.

May 11 & 12 – 7:30pm
Adults $10 / Students $5
Reserve by email to info@downtownart.orgStaged readings of three original plays by young writers with music by young composers – all three plays tied to the history of the East Village/LES.

Writers: Zen Anton, Erin Carden, Amelie Lyons
Composers: Zen Anton, Alice Quinn Makwaia
Performed by Zen Anton, Alyssa Burgos, Erin Carden, India Kotis, Amelie Lyons, Jasai Chase Owens

Downtown Art
61 East 4th Street, Suite 7W
between Second Ave and Bowery