The Recoup Lounge Gig

So, there’s this gig on Saturday at the Recoup Lounge.8:30pm.

Downtown Manhattan.

I’ll be playing a 45 minute setlist.

The setlist will consist of orignal songs, cover songs, old songs, new songs and one very, very old song I used to know.

The experience will consist of tears, laughter, old friends, new friend and drinks for any of those old friends who are old enough.

This brings us to a few important things:

1) No one under the age of 21 is allowed to come in the bar. The place is very strict on carding. I continue to disapprove of this rule but no matter my efforts they refuse to let it slide. However, for all you underagers, I will continue to fight the good fight.

2) There is $10 cover charge. After 15 people come to see me I get the rest of the proceeds and that money will go straight to recording Angel!

3) Lastly and possibly most importantly, you should come to this event. Because it will be fun. Unless you don’t enjoy fun events. Then you probably shouldn’t come.

Looking forward to seeing you there,