Face to Face


About half a year ago Susan Fishgold began her project “Face to Face.” In it she created portraits of people in her life with the end goal being for the viewer to feel as if they were looking directly at the live face of the person on the canvas. I can only speak for myself, but I think she has succeeded without the shadow of a doubt.

What consistently blows my mind about the people portrayed in her work is how lifelike they appear; Rarely have I seen eyes so alive not located on a person. I also love her use of texture and the fact that she doesn’t limit her self to one medium. This lady uses everything from crayon and water color to prints and clay. Maybe she’ll let me add some of my amazing finger painting to a piece one day.

Having been lucky enough to take part in this project, I was given the opportunity to sit in on her artistic process. The amount of phases each painting goes through before being finished is crazy. It’s a possibility I harassed her with questions every step of the way.

Also, I am aware that from the way I’m gushing it sounds like I was paid to do a promotion. That is not the case.

Below you will find the portraits that she did of me. I urge you to check out the rest of Face to Face on her facebook fanpage.

You will regret it if you don’t click the link.

It will keep you up at night.

Your romantic relationships will suffer.

Don’t let your romantic relationships suffer because you didn’t click the link.