DTA Summer Concert – Friday

I will be playing a concert this Friday. Not only will I be playing, but a plethora of incredibly talented artists will also being doing their thing. And my dear lord do they do their thing well.

Here is the full list of talent: Lily Abedin, Michael Andrew, Alyssa Burgos, Matthew Burgos, Olivia Cabrera, Lily Fremaux, Michela Garabedian, Lena Feliciano Hansen, Tori Matos, Erin Wells, and Mike Hickey.

A few times me and the above talents will even be collaborating. Expect to hear Resemblance performed with full back up singing.

This event also includes homemade scrumptious edible things as well as a drink bar–no alcohol. All ages are welcome.Lastly, it is free. All you got to do is RSVP. RSVPing is highly recommended. To reserve email the following: info@downtownart.org


Location: Downtown Art Studio – 61 E 4th Street NYC, 7th Fl

Performance Time: 8:30-10:30

About RSVP: Anyone without a reservation will be seated after reservations pick up on a first come basis. The standby list for those without reservations will begin taking names at 8pm.

You don’t want to miss it.