Young Engineers

For the intermediate musician interested in the recording side of music, we will go further in-depth into the art of studio work and mixing. By making pro studio techniques accessible to all levels, students will get comfortable behind both ends of a microphone. Every wonder why the Beatles were such a big deal? Wu Tang’s RZA, without knowing a lick of music theory? How one instrument shaped what you think of at the word ‘spaceship’? I can help students gain a deeper understanding of how technology has shaped some of history’s most iconic sounds. They will also learn how to transform everyday sounds like echoey bathrooms or the cat yowling down the street into interesting musical choices.

Trust me, I’ve already done it.

Ages 11 +

This course is ideal for the growing musician interested in getting a new outlook on music or who has recently completed Song Writing 101. At least two years of prior music lessons is required and access to a computer/iPad is strongly encouraged.