Song Writing 101

Over the course of three months we will work through the steps of growing the seed of an idea into a fully realized composition. By first analyzing one of the students favorite songs, we will learn how to write a strong melody and supportive lyrics, how to understand song structure (and when to ignore it), and begin to grasp the building blocks of digital recording. Once the song has been completed, we will arrange it by combining synthetic and live instrumentation to create the student’s unique style.

Ages 11 +

We will focus on demystifying the creative process and learning to apply theory in real world situations. Access to a computer/iPad is ideal. Prior music classes are strongly encouraged.

Ages 8 – 11

We will focus on sound exploration and exposure to different genres in a fun and supportive environment. Access to a computer/iPad not required, but a healthy imagination is a must.

Ages 5 – 8

For the younger audience we will learn how sounds are made through musical play and foster an appreciation for different cultures’ instruments. Access to a computer/iPad not necessary.

By the end all groups will receive a hi-fidelity MP3 and AIFF of their original song to share with family and friends

This Class Is:

Not just playing guitar, but an experiment in genre aimed at giving your child the tools to make the music they want to hear, whether that’s modern dance music, old school blues, or their own insane creation.


Lucy Jane age 5 mixing free jazz with spoken word:

Marcus age 8 getting his psychedelic-hip-hop-post-rock on: