Private Lessons (S.S.A.G.)

For someone to find the inner drive to practice, they must first find the material honestly engaging. With this rule in mind, I aim to always focus technique back on making interesting music.

Geared towards either the beginner musician learning proper hand placement or the moshing guitarist finishing their second death metal album, we will develop a personalized curriculum that pushes their technical level, promotes healthy hand posture, and always keeps S.S.A.G. in mind:


Sucking (slacking if you’re too young to suck)



Ages 8 — 13

We will focus on gaining a foundation in guitar which includes sight reading, playing as a unit, and understanding harmony in modern music. No prior music lessons required.


For the older guitarist already writing songs or in a band, we will work on improving comfortability on the fretboard and use proper technique to make spontaneity and creativity easier to access.