Amplified Cactus Salon.


There’s this group/thing/coalition/social gathering of talented humans called Amplified Cactus Salon. It is entirely composed of young people. Actual young people. Not people who say “age is in the mind” and proceed to purchase shiny midlife crises.

Anyway, the wildly inventive group ACS was on WFMU’s Minor Music this past Tuesday. It was, and is, unlike most experiences you will encounter in life. Which is not surprising considering that one of ACS’s main things is how they welcome all artists no matter their mediums; Music, acting, and cooking all come together as one. Personally, as I have yet to see it, I am dying to see them combine music and cooking. I am also dying to take part of that combination. Which brings me to another important thing about ACS: They welcome folks from all walks of life to participate in creating art. Honestly. Go to their page on Facebook and join in the creativeness. Or become a fan of ACS. Even if you don’t enjoy their work you should do it. How could you not be a fan of their name?

In short, take some time out of your schedule and listen to their show on WMFU. Not only do they perform an improve game they invented–where jazz, funk and acting are combined–they also perform a radio noir play they wrote, directed, and scored.

I know.

It makes you feel badly about being uncreative in comparison.