About Me

My Background

I’ve been working with kids and playing music since age twelve (which if my math is correct, adds up to the better half of my life). I studied guitar for six years at Third Street Music School and since then have released three albums, lead four bands, worked with numerous vocal coaches, scored one audio book, and with Prince’s help realized my favorite color was pink. However my enthusiasm for music hasn’t changed much since I was a kid shrieking made up songs while banging pots and pans.

Recording Experience

During my time at Third Street I was in and out of studios, most notably assistant engineer to Scott Anderson at O Labs in Gowanus Brooklyn. After being so inspired by this experience, and having perfected the art of bringing jazz guys weak coffee, I went on to record, mix, and master my debut self titled EP. You can now find me performing around NYC.


Being homeschooled my entire life, community always played a big part in my education. At age fourteen I was counselor at Camp Common Ground, at sixteen I was assistant teacher at Raiz Do Brazil Capoeria Studio, at eighteen I was production assistant to Downtown Art organizing teens from around NYC, and I have been a working caregiver (otherwise known as a “manny”) since age thirteen. I’m currently fighting with an eight and five-year old brother and sister. Please send reinforcements.

Oh. If you’re interested in checking out my music, this song is PG: https://zenanton.bandcamp.com/track/for-the-hunger (for my other music you may want to cover your kids’ ears)