A Year and a Half.


After a year and a half of unpleasantly cathartic writing, my latest song is finished.

It took far too long.

In that far too long time I’ve discovered that the signal for when you are about to be finished writing is right when you hate everything about what you’ve written. I’ve discovered this bit of knowledge in the past but keep holding out hope I’m wrong for the future.

I keep being correct.

Most recently I performed the completed version of Resemblance at Downtown Art’s music workshop–which all young musicians should attend–and following Mike Hickey’s idea for harmonies those lovely people sang even lovelier backing vocals.

Lastly, save the date FRIDAY AUGUST 10TH. Downtown Art will be holding an outdoor concert in soho where all those talented folks will be singing and playing things. I will also be among those folks and Resemblance will be one of those things. It will be complete with even more lovely harmonies than the version below.