Upcoming Gig: Zen Anton at Postcrypt Cafe, 8:30pm, April 17th

This Friday at 8:30pm I’ll be playing a FREE, unplugged, 45 minute acoustic set at the fantastic Postcrypt Cafe which is inside a crypt inside Columbia University. It’s like MTV unplugged except non-wack and they have better cookies.


Full details: http://blogs.cuit.columbia.edu/postcrypt/2015/04/13/april-17-18-skip-monday-pandafan-and-sam-moss-literature-night/


Upcoming Gig: Zen Anton at Coffeed, 6:45pm, February 4th

Like coffee? Like, good coffee? Like beer? Like, delicious beer from the quality people at Singlecut Beersmiths? Me too. Come out and we’ll share all those beautiful things together at one of the hippest joints in Queens.

—I perform promptly at 7pm for a smooth 30 minutes. Arriving early is very advisable.
—Located at Coffeed, 37-18 Northern Blvd, Long Island City, New York 11101.
—After my set there is an open mic. But a good one. Like, not “one of those” open mics (where you want to gauge out your eyes with sporks).
—If 15 of you lovely people come I’ll perform again around 8:45pm.
—Cover is $7. And you can sleep soundly knowing that some of the earnings go towards me recording more music. Something very special happens if over 25 people come so invite your grandma too.

Zen At LES

Upcoming Gig: Zen Anton at Caffe Vivaldi, January 14th

If you’ve been depressed about missing all my recent shows at sketchy venues, I have bad news. This gig is actually very legit. The restrooms barely even have graffiti.

Come out for a full hour of me performing live at one of NYC’s few still standing quality music venues. There will be alcohol, there will be food, and there will be me covering Madonna. Although I might pass on the pink boa this time.

Full details:

—Wednesday, January 14th
—Performance from 7:15pm-8:15pm
—Advisable to arrive little early for the most quality seats around.
—No cover, just buy some drank or food.
—Located at Caffe Vivaldi 32 Jones Street New York, NY 10014.
—More info on venue: http://caffevivaldi.com/about-us/


Unexpected Dopeness

Last Tuesday I trekked out to Goodbye Blue Monday’s last Open Mic night. It featured one of the most eclectic crowds you will ever find. However, due to my late performance slot I was unable to play. Left bummed but remembered that on the way to the show I ran into an incredibly dope and unpretentious artist busy spray painting. This is the photo I took of that encounter (it does no justice to the actual piece of work):



Find more work by Bkfoxx on the ‘Gram: http://instagram.com/bkfoxx?ref=badge

Find more work by Bkfoxx on the siteweb: http://bkompleted.com

Upcoming Gig: Zen Anton at Perlas, November 20th

Last month I met the very talented Amanda Sprecher at the Queens Five Boro Story Project, and next week we will be performing on the same bill. I’m gonna even go the extra mile and throw in an “!”. No cover charge AND there will be food available. Come make your ears and mouth happy.

More details: https://www.facebook.com/events/266430623481292/?pnref=story


Five Boro Story Project

Due to a schedule malfunction last Sunday I wound up performing at The Five Boro Story Project Open Mic. I am very thankful my schedule went bonkers.

I had gone not knowing what to expect (which means dreading a bunch of annoyingly fake “artists”) and instead received a night full of beautiful stories about Queens.

Check out this quality not-for-profit and go hear some inspirational tales: Upcoming Programs | Five Boro Story Project.



The Modern Folk Music of America Reviews Zen Anton

My EP receives its first inter webs review.

This is also the first time my sound has ever been described as “flamenco” — I wish that would happen more often.

Go use your eyeballs to check out the full read and also stick around to peruse the rest of the quality site. It’s rare to find a music blog dedicated to actually supporting independent artists without having the agenda of which band has the cool-kid-buzz and will make them get vicariously laid.

Clickage: the modern folk music of america: zen anton – resemblance.

Many thanks to MFOA for the honest support. Keep doing your dope doings.