‘A Cuckold’

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'A Cuckold' by Zen Anton

a staged reading of a new play by Zen Anton

Mountain has led a dull life.
This fact has always bothered him.
However, he has never been bothered enough to do anything about it. He now finds himself thrust into a pre-mid life crisis where he is forced to confront such issues as self hatred, world hatred and hatred towards a pair of boxer briefs.
He also suffers from having a Narrator;
a Narrator who has taken to narrating in film noir style to make Mountain’s existence more interesting.

Hakim McMillan, Matt McCroskey, Samuel Kurnit, Sarah Sommers, Debra Wunner, Chris Thompson, Rosalind Lilly, Jennifer Cintron,and Dov Lebowitz-Nowak

Directed by Ryan Gilliam
Assisted by Dakota Scott

Tickets $5

Reservations: Email info@downtownart.org to reserve

Tickets will also be sold at the door after reservations are seated.


Sunday Gig.

Summer can be a stressful time having to deal with which cool event to go to and what’s the best outfit for a beautiful day. Well, now’s the time to stop popping xanax because I’ve found the solution: this Sunday’s Monologue Jam. It just so happens I’ll be one of the performing artists




Natasha Alexander

So my girl Natasha Alexander dropped an album. It’s kind of super dope. Her sound is reminiscent of Lauryn Hill. Before Lauryn Hill went nuts anyway. Did I mention it’s free for the download?

Go to her website for more details: http://natashalalexander.com/index.html

Also like her facebook page if you enjoy your drums banging and your voices sultry: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Natasha-Alexander/141025646063430?fref=ts


I Find You – A Zenmaster Animated Music Video – YouTube

I have my very first fan made music video. It’s kind of fantastic. All the credit must be given to Leon Lion. He’s a good friend of mine who among being a talented actor and writer, is also a pretty great animator.

Check out more of his videos at LeoLionProductions.

WFMU: Minor Music feat. Zen Anton

Yesterday I was the featured guest on WFMU’s program Minor Music. It was my first time being interviewed and performing on live radio. I also got to hear some really great work by other young musicians. Among them, one of Genesis’s songs during their years as a teen band (who knew, right?). Lastly, it’s worth noting that Jesse, the host, is a very cool guy. For the full listen, go to WFMU: Minor Music with Jesse Krakow: Playlist from January 21, 2013.

WFMU: Minor Music feat. Zen Anton — 8pm

Tomorrow I will be featured on WFMU’s radio show, Minor Music, from 8pm—9pm. And if you, being the lovely person you are, would be so kind as to tune in and listen, I’d be very happy. There will be jokes told. There will be questions asked (with me hopefully responding in an intelligible manner). And there will be live performances. All in all, it’ll be the perfect way to end your Mr. King Birthday Bash party. Here’s the link: WFMU-FM 91.1/Jersey City, NJ; 90.1/Hudson Valley, NY.

The picture below is an example of just how passionate* I am about this upcoming event.

*awkward facial expression while singing = passion

ATW OPEN MIC NIGHT 11 28-4349-1

My Favorite Photographer

You know the photos on my website? Yeah, they are all taken by the lovely lady down below. She really does rock. And if you hate the photos of me, don’t worry. She does fantastic drawings as well as photos that don’t involve my face. Check out her website if you’re in need of artwork for your album, something dope to hang on your wall, or merely beautiful things to look at.